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Kefalonia Guide


Welcome to the Kefalonia Travel Guide.

Kefalonia is an island with many names Kefalonia, Kefallinia and Cephalonia to name a few. This is a fully updated guide for all matters relating to this beautiful island in the Ionian Sea. Here you will find information about the history of the island and about all the areas of interest for the tourist. We have many photos throughout the site enabling the visitor to see that we do not exaggerate about the beauty of our island and also because we believe that a picture equals a thousand words.

This guide is to enable the visitor to discover everything there is to know about the island, every region, every valley and every hidden secret the island has to offer. With so much beauty it can not fail to impress. We want the visitor to know the island better and to understand why we love it the way that we do. We are sure that it will not take long for it to get into your heart, where it will remain forever.

In addition it offers the visitor information about the places to stay, the places to be visited and the various services that may be useful throughout the duration of the visit such as car hire, excursions, shopping etc. To give as much information about the island as possible was our main aim when building the site and we hope we have achieved this. If you feel there is something that we have missed that you feel will be beneficial to our site please do not hesitate to contact us via email, all suggestion will be gratefully received.

Finally we would like to point out our message board ‘The Kefalonitika’ where you can leave you comments about the site, or your thoughts about our island.

We look forward to hearing from you and or course welcoming you to our island.

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